Next Rehearsal

Final rehearsal for the Bach B minor Mass, St Andrew’s, 1 February 2020

On Thursday, 1 October 2020, we will be rehearsing:

Vaccaj – lesson 2, skips of fifths (p.10 of the pdf).
Brahms, movement 2, bar 206 onwards.
Bach O Jesu Christ, mein’s Lebens Licht.

The details for downloading the Vaccaj and the Bach are in last week’s notification below.


19 September 2020 (for Thursday 24 September)

Dear SCS member,

The second movement of the Brahms Requiem can be overwhelming at the best of times, but especially on Zoom! The idea was to get a feel for the different sections in context and of course we’ll look at much smaller sections slowly next week onwards.

Next Thursday we’ll concentrate on bars 74-123 (figures C-G) in the second movement, the Brahms first movement and Abendlied.
From the Vaccaj exercises, lesson 2, skips of fourths (p.9 of the pdf).

It would be wonderful to sing some Bach! O Jesu Christ, mein’s Lebens Licht, BWV 118 must be some of the most calming and beautiful music he ever wrote. Click here to take a listen.

Here is a link to the sheet music.

Best wishes,