17 February 2024

Firstly welcome back to what is going to be a very exciting few months of preparation for our May concert.

1. Next Rehearsal:  I realise some of you will have a different version of the Brahms score. 
P. 52 – 60 (Movement 3, Der Gerechten…)
P. 89 – 113 (Movement 6, Denn es wird…)

2. Message from Duncan: The following is a message from Duncan, our Director or Music

Dear SCS Member,

Welcome back! That was an excellent start last Thursday. Delightful to see new members and please continue to spread the word. As always, new members are welcome to give us a try after the start of the new season.

The Brahms in German is an exciting challenge but we’ve sung it before and I think it’s easier than the Mozart C minor Mass.
The Vaughan Williams is short and relatively straightforward.

May the 18th is not far off, so please try to attend as much as possible. Our extended rehearsal is on Saturday May 4th (2 – 5pm) and is also important.

Many thanks again for your singing and support!


3. Message from Caroline our Librarian: Caroline has asked me to include the following in this week’s email as a follow up to her announcement regarding the hired scores last Thursday,

Some members have expressed concern about possibly being held responsible for pre-existing damage to the hired scores they collected on Thursday, so it may be helpful to explain that the scores come to us with the Library’s description of the condition of each set. In the case of the Vaughan Williams, this acknowledges “varied condition, new to very well worn” with pencil marks, and, though in better condition, one set of the Brahms is also recorded as having pencil marks. The other set of the Brahms is, however, brand new, completely clean, so any damage found to those scores would be put down to us.

Any pencil marks made lightly with a soft pencil (eg B or 2B) are so much easier to erase…..

Thank you. 4. Date for our calendars: As Duncan has mentioned in his message above the 4th of May will be our Saturday extended rehearsal. Can  we all please note and make every effort to attend. 

The next three items relate to other opportunities we may be interested in attending. I was going to compile a separate email but I feel there is sufficient space in this bulletin. 

5. Come and Sing; Haydn’s Creation: I have received the following from Tom Kempton which looks a wonderful opportunity;

Saturday March 2nd 2024: Come and Sing Haydn’s “Creation” at St Andrew’s Church, Oxford OX2 6UG
Rehearsal 2.30-5.45 followed by the performance 7-8.30pm

The performance will include a few solo sections and most of the choruses from “Creation”, plus a few other creation-themed hymns and anthems. 

All music-reading singers welcome.
Friday Feb 2nd 7.30-9.15 
Wednesday Feb 21st 7.30-9.15
Saturday Feb 24th 10-12.30
Wednesday Feb 28th 7.30-9.30
For experienced choral singers it will possible to come and join on the day

Retiring collection in aid of Adventure Plus/A Rocha Wetlands Project, see https://www.adventureplus.org.uk/adventure-base/

Please contact; Roger Peach, Music Director, St Andrew’s Church, Oxford; email: roger.peach@standrewsoxford.org

6. Two Stile Antico events in March:
WORKSHOP: Stile Antico – Come and Sing!
SJE Arts, Iffley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1EH
Saturday 2nd March, 2 – 6.30pm
Spend an afternoon exploring Renaissance music from Stile Antico’s new programme, inspired by Dante’s Commedia (‘The Divine Comedy’). We will explore music in four to twelve parts by Victoria, Palestrina, Morales and Lusitano, alongside talks from Dr Jennifer Rushworth (UCL).
Tickets £30 (to include refreshments) from www.stileantico.co.uk/events

CONCERT: Stile Antico – ‘A Divine Hope’
St Barnabas Church, Jericho, OX2 6BS
Wednesday 6th March at 7.30pm
Telling Dante’s story, Stile Antico descends with Il Divino into Hell, journeys with him through Purgatory, and finally arrives at the gates of Heaven. Renaissance madrigals and sacred music by composers such as Palestrina, Guerrero and Morales illustrate the way, punctuated by readings from ‘The Divine Comedy’. 
Tickets £25 or £15 from www.stileantico.co.uk/events

7. Come and Sing: Messiah in Henley, St Mary’s Church, 3rd March 2024
On the day: 230pm collect music, 3pmRehearsal, 4pm Concert, 5:15pmRefreshments
Tickets; £15.00 singers, £10.00 Audience
Conductor Sebastian Thomson
Deadline to register: 23rd February 2024
Email for more information and to register: sebthomson@gmail.com