20 March 2024

1. Seating positions: Given we will be starting to practice the Vaughan Williams, the choir needs to sit in first and second formation. This is NOT in first and second choir formation but simply within each section as follows:

SOPRANOS                ALTOS
Firsts.                          Firsts
Seconds                      Seconds

BASSES.                     TENORS 
Firsts.                           Firsts
Seconds                      Seconds

2. Rehearsal aids: There are a number of aids to rehearsals and the on which we all use;
Www.johnfletchermusic.org John Fletcher website

Also of use are the following;
Www.chordperfect.com Chord Perfect and
Www.choralia.net Choralia and as well as having the Brahms it also has the Vaughan Williams.

That’s all for now. See you all tomorrow night and don’t forget the drinks after. I look forward to us all having an informal catch up.