24 March 2024

1. Next rehearsal and message from Duncan:

Dear SCS member,
I was hearing brilliant sounds last Thursday!

Our next rehearsal is on April 4th with the concert the following month. Please immerse yourself in the music over the holidays as we really need to hit the ground running next month. Giving it a little “head space” everyday should do it!

Important leads, heads up and familiarity with the words…let’s give the audience, not to mention Elspeth and Gareth, a really good time as usual!

Music for April 4:

  • Vaughan Williams movements 1 and 5 (Rise Heart and Let All The World).
  • Brahms 2nd and 3rd movements.

2. Rehearsal aids: I mentioned this in my second email last week and I feel there is no harm mentioning it again.

There are a number of aids to rehearsals. We all use the John Fletcher website www.johnfletchermusic.org 

Also of use are Chord Perfect www.chordperfect.com and Choralia www.choralia.net. Choralia has both the Brahms and the Vaughan Williams.

I encourage us all to recommend the concert to our friends and relatives, let’s try to sell those tickets. If you managed to collect a poster from Julia, please do put them up in a position where everyone can see them. 

In the meanwhile let us all enjoy a wonderful Easter break and do please keep rehearsing.