7 February 2024

It is fair to say the concert was an outstanding success and our thanks should go to a number of people; the Committee whose members worked tirelessly, the very many volunteers who assisted across a variety of tasks including the staging. In fact the list is endless and of course includes all who sang. BUT nothing would have been possible without the leadership, guidance and sheer expertise of Duncan Saunderson our Director of music. Duncan has sent the following message to us all;

1. Message from Duncan
Dear SCS member,
Thanks for your brilliant performance last Saturday! I thought it was one of our strongest performances. The choir was brilliant in the afternoon and even better in the evening. The Mozart sparkled particularly brilliantly against the restrained beauty of the Purcell Sentences with a little jaunty relief in between!

I’ve had a number of glowing comments about the choir from soloists and the orchestra, not to mention from our wonderful audience. Bravissimo to all of you!

Brahms and Vaughan Williams on May 18th. Rather fewer rehearsals than for Mozart, but the double rehearsal on Saturday May 4thwill again be key to another great performance. Those of you who know Elspeth Piggott will be delighted that she is very happily available to sing the soprano solos. 

Have a good Thursday off this week!

Best wishes,


I will now turn to our next concert and the rehearsals. 

2. Next Rehearsal: There is no rehearsal this Thursday 8 February 2024. We start our rehearsals for the May concert on Thursday 15 February 2024..

3. Subscriptions: The subscription for this term will be £75. The subscription remains half-price for under-30s or for full-time students aged 30 or over. It can also be waived for those in financial hardship, when you should let our Treasurer know by email.  

Payment of subscriptions
Payment online – PREFERRED 
1. Please pay by online transfer if possible, and, to save time on the night, by at least a few days before 15 February, so that we have time to register your payment. Please see email for bank details.
2. Please add your name and voice part (plus 1 or 2) as a payment reference. 
3. Importantly, please also email our Membership Secretary, Maria Scott, to let her know that you have paid. 
4. If you are a new member, let Maria know in that email and she will ask for further contact details from you. 
If you pay ahead online, you will not need to register when you come to your first rehearsal. Just go directly to the music desk, to pick up and/or pay for music.  

Payment on the night: If you prefer to pay for your subscription on the night, you can pay by cash (exact amount please) or cheque (made out to ‘Summertown Choral Society’), but not by credit card. You should in that case go first to the registration desk (from where you will be directed on for music).

3. Rehearsal Aids: For those wanting to do some pre-term practice, the music is already available via our subscription to the John Fletcher website – please see our Rehearsal Aids page for information on this and other practice sites available.

4. Scores: In our May 2024 concert we will be singing the Brahms Requiem in German, (the New Novello edition) and Vaughan Williams’ Five Mystical Songs (Stainer & Bell). Copies of both will be available for you to collect at the rehearsal on 15 February, from 7.30 onwards. To help distribute them all before the start of rehearsal we’d be very grateful if you could arrive early (though please keep voices down in the lobby until the church choir finishes their rehearsal at 7.45).

If you have signed up to buy either or both, they will be there for you to collect on payment of £13.50 for the Brahms and £8.30 for the Vaughan Williams, so £21.80 if you have ordered both. Payment for scores may be made by card (preferred), cheque or cash, but, if cash, please bring the exact money. The link to the list of members who ordered scores to buy can be found here in the email in case you are unsure whether you did or not. We only have copies for those who ordered them.

5. The following is a message from Caroline our librarian; “I would like to say a big thank you to you all for your help around concert day – to those in my erasing group on Sunday, to those who collected music from members unable to sing in the concert, who set out folders or loaded crates, and to you all for handing your folders in on time and rubbed out as far as you could, 

All the hired Mozart copies were ready for Philip Booth to take back to London on the Monday for us and I am very grateful to him for transporting them for us. And I am delighted (and relieved) to be able to tell you that as well as the hired Mozarts, I have all hired Funeral Sentences in. 

I have here a number of Mozart scores that members have bought and lots of Funeral Sentences. I will check them to see if I can identify their owners, but if you are missing one please do let me know.”

6. Concert by Instruments of Time and Truth: I have received the following message via Duncan from IT&T;
As you may know, IT&T are presenting a concert this weekend of the incredible vocal music of little-known composer, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani at Christ Church Cathedral, 8pm on the 10th Feb. 

As a partner of IT&T I would love to offer you and your members the opportunity to secure tickets for this concert at a reduced rate of just £10. To do this please visit the link below and enter the code ITTPartner.