Online Rehearsals

Those who are following the online rehearsals receive each week a Zoom link to a recording of the rehearsal (which remains available for four weeks before Zoom deletes it). Some rehearsal timings are made available here at the same time. See the last four weeks of these below.

15 April 2021

00.00 Warmup exercises

7.10 BACH Jauchzet, frohlocket (Christmas Oratorio, Part 1)
7.40 Voices (separate)
26.30 Tutti (from the beginning)

34.45 HANDEL Zadok the Priest (Coronation Anthems)
Introductory notes by Duncan on the piece and its origins
36.00 Recording of Zadok the Priest in the version by Henry Lawes
38.00 Run through with all voices
44.00 Voices (separate and combined)
52.00 Tuttie (from the beginning)

57.00 IVES Seeds of Love (Three Folksongs)
Voices (separate)
59.10 Tutti (from the beginning)

8 April 2021

0.00 Warm-up exercises

6.00 BACH Jauchzet, frohlocket (Christmas Oratorio, Part 1)
A few words by Duncan on the origin of the piece
7.55 Run through with all voices
12.45 Voices (separate)
39.45 Further study in next rehearsal

40.00 PURCELL With drooping wings (Dido and Aeneas)
Introductory remarks from Duncan on Dido and Aeneas and this piece in particular
43.20 Piano reminder (sing or listen)
45.00 Voices (separate)
50:00 Lead-in to the piece
Ground bass lines (Purcell, Cavalli)
51.50 Tutti (from 9 bars before choral entry)

55:30 IVES Seeds of love (Three Folksongs)
Voices (separate)


25 March 2021

0.00 Warm-up exercises

3.10 BERLIOZ Shepherds’ farewell
Voices (separate)
10.20 Tutti from the beginning
14.33 Duncan’s remarks on the contrast between the Shepherds’ farewell and the Symphonie fantastique

15:55 MOZART Laudate Dominum
Introductory words by Duncan on Mozart and his musical achievements in Salzburg.
Pictures of the Salzburg Cathedral, where Laudate Dominum was first performed.
18.02 Voices (separate, combined, by sections)
28.26 Tutti from the beginning

32.10 IVES Sweet Nightingale (Three Folksongs)
Introductory notes by Duncan on Bill Ives and on
past SCS commissions
34.33 Voices (separate, combined, by sections)
52.40 Tutti from the beginning

56.10 Extract from a recorded performance of Bill Ives with the King Singers – Madrigal History Tour – The England Part I


18 March 2021

0.00 Warm-up exercises

5.30 HAYDN The Heavens are Telling (Creation)
Introductory words by Duncan
Pictorial flashbacks:
Burgtheater, Vienna
1808 Performance of Haydn’s Creation in London
Haydn’s Creation in the Old Covent Garden Theatre
7:20 Voices (separate)
14:30 Tutti from the beginning

20:00 HANDEL Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)
Introduction by Duncan
20:40 Tutti from the beginning
25.00 Voices (separate)
30:30 Tutti from the beginning

35.30 BERLIOZ Shepherds’ Farewell (L’Enfance du Christ)
Introductory notes on composer and piece by Duncan
Wild Romanticism, “over the top” or extravagant orchestration, and more…..
39.50 Tutti in French from the beginning
41.20 Voices (separate)
50.42 Tutti from the beginning

55.00 DVORAK Come, Let us Dance and Sing Together (Songs of Nature)
55.15 Voices (separate)
58.50 Tutti from the beginning