Concert Day

St Andrew’s Church, Linton Road, North Oxford, which seats 320, is the current regular venue for our concerts. These are always on a Saturday. There is a long rehearsal in the afternoon with the soloists and the orchestra or other instruments, and then a break before the concert in the evening.

Concert day rehearsal

We acquired extensive staging some years ago, which is stored at St Andrew’s. This assures good visibility for choir and audience alike, as well as helping the choir’s sound to be projected. There is an opportunity to join the small team that erects this staging on the Thursday before the concert (in time for a rehearsal in concert formation the same Thursday evening in St Andrew’s), as well as to help in its dismantling at the end of the evening’s performance. Each takes about one hour.

There are other opportunities to help during the day: drinks for orchestra and choir in the mid-afternoon rehearsal break, the usual front-of-house tasks, and serving wine and soft drinks during the concert interval.

Concert day break

Dress for the concert is: women – skirt/trousers/dress, all black; men – DJs (white shirt, black bow-tie).

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