Weekly Notices

1 September 2021

Dear All,

Covid considerations for the Autumn term

Because of the changes in the Covid situation since our email of four weeks ago, we have decided to introduce more measures for our rehearsals this Autumn. It is hoped that this will make it possible for more people to feel comfortable about attending. Our general aim is to approximate as closely as possible to normal singing conditions while ensuring that we are taking all reasonable precautions.

These are the changes:
The seating in the Church will be spaced out.
We would ask that you wear a mask while queuing to enter or leave the church and moving around within it, and that you ‘socially distance’ as much as possible. To this end we ask that you restrict socialising, before and after the rehearsal, to outside the Church.
At this stage we are not insisting that you take a lateral flow test on the day of the rehearsal, though we hope that many people will wish to do this out of consideration for others. We may have to change this policy in the future.
Please use a hand sanitiser on entering the church.
Signing the register each week is now important.
The general expectation is that singing will be done without masks, though you are free to wear one, in which case you may wish to acquire one of the ‘singing masks’ that are on the market.
You may also wish to sit further distant from people and so are welcome to find a place for your chair that is comfortable for you (but from which you can see Duncan!).
The side doors and the back doors will be left open throughout the rehearsal to ventilate the space.
In order to reduce queuing on the night and to help us in setting out the Church, would you please pay your subscription online (if possible). The Choir’s Bank Details are on our website. You should also send an email to our Membership Secretary, Jackie Weaver (membership@summertownchoral.org.uk), to tell her you that you have signed on and paid. If you can’t pay online, you can pay by cheque on the night, making it out to Summertown Choral Society.

Otherwise, we are assuming that each person will act responsibly. This means that when you come:
you have no symptoms;
you have not tested positive within the previous 14 days;
you have not been contacted by track and trace;
you have not been told to self-isolate;
you have no temperature and you do not feel unwell.
If you contract the virus between rehearsals, you must let the Membership Secretary know so that the relevant parties can be notified.

Of course, any of the above may change!

Philip Booth


13 May 2021

Below are descriptions of roles that will become available on the committee after our next AGM (in November 2021). If you are interested, have a look. If you want to speak to the person currently doing it, email them and they will ring you. Contact details for them are on the Contacts page.