Covid considerations for the term, from 10 February 2022 (see also subsequent email below)

Our general aim is to approximate as closely as possible to normal singing conditions while ensuring that we are taking all reasonable precautions.

These are the measures that are in place:
Members are required to take a lateral flow device (LFD) test on the day of each rehearsal.
The seating in the Church will be spaced out.
We would ask that you wear a mask while queuing to enter or leave the church and moving around within it, and that you ‘socially distance’ as much as possible. To this end we ask that you restrict socialising, before and after the rehearsal, to outside the Church.
Please use a hand sanitiser on entering the church.
Signing the register each week is now important.
The general expectation is that singing will be done without masks, though you are free to wear one, in which case you may wish to acquire one of the ‘singing masks’ that are on the market.
You may also wish to sit further distant from people and so are welcome to find a place for your chair that is comfortable for you (but from which you can see Duncan!).
The side doors and the back doors will be left open throughout the rehearsal to ventilate the space.

Otherwise, we are assuming that each person will act responsibly. This means that when you come:
you have no Covid symptoms;
you have no temperature and you do not feel unwell or have any infection at all (eg cold or sore throat).

If you contract the virus between rehearsals, you must let the Membership Secretary know by email. Also send a copy of the email to the Chair. Importantly, you should let us know as soon as you have a positive LFD test: do not wait for the result of a PCR test (should you be required to take one).


Further email to Members, 23 February 2022

Dear Members,

Covid arrangements
In the light of the major changes in the Government’s guidelines, the Committee has looked at what we should do. Our decision, though, is to stick to our current arrangements. The main elements are:
    a LFD test before each rehearsal;
    wearing a mask when not singing;
    not attending a rehearsal if you have any symptoms;
    letting us know immediately if you develop Covid;
    our keeping the Church ventilated.
(For more details, see above.)

As regards our efforts to provide a sort of in-house Test and Trace service, we are now going to do the following:
    we will continue to let the choir know if someone develops symptoms within 48 hours of a rehearsal;
    we will also let the choir know approximately where that person sat;
    but we will no longer contact individuals who were immediately next to that person (this has proved difficult to implement and we think it is of very limited value; we would remind you that you may place your chair wherever you like and also wear a mask while singing).

Importantly, for those who develop symptoms we request that they do not attend at least the next rehearsal, even though in some cases it would technically be possible for them to fit in two negative LFD tests before the next rehearsal and thus to consider themselves infection-free.

Of course, we will keep these arrangements under review.

Philip Booth