Next Rehearsal

Final rehearsal for the Bach B minor Mass, St Andrew’s, 1 February 2020

Our next rehearsal, the last this term, is on Thursday 21 January 2021, 8.20-9.20pm, when we will be rehearsing some of the French Music that we began in preparation for our concert in June 2020 (now cancelled – click here for more details):

Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine
Vierne Messe Solennelle
Saint-Saëns Requiem, movement 5, Hostias

Click on the titles to go to a pdf of the music. If you would like booklets of the music, rather than having to download them and print them out, contact our Librarian, Simon Wratten, and he will explain how you can pick one up from his house in North Oxford.

Pieces sung this term:

Bach O Jesu Christ, Mein’s Lebens Licht
Bach Wachet Auf (first movement)
Bach Wachet Auf (Chorale)
Reger Ich liege und schlafe (pp.6-7)
Rheinberger Abendlied
Clara Schumann Abendfeier in Venedig


Wachet Auf

(literal translation)
Awake, calls the voice to us
Of the watchmen high up in the tower:
awake, you city of Jerusalem.
The hour is called midnight;
they call to us with bright voices:
where are you, wise virgins?
Indeed, the Bridegroom comes;
rise up and take your lamps,
Make yourselves ready for the wedding,
You must go to meet Him.


Ich liege und schlafe

(Literal translation)
I lie and sleep in peace
For you alone, Lord, help me that I live safely.
I am so tired from sighing;
My shield is with God (= I am protected by God) who helps the pious heart.
I lie and sleep in peace.


Abendfeier in Venedig
Clara Schumann

Translation from the German (by Sue Palmer):

Vespers in Venice

Verse 1:
Ave Maria! Sea and heaven are resting,
From every tower the sound of bells rings out.
Ave Maria! Desist from earthly endeavours,
Pray to the Virgin Mary and to the Virgin’s son.
Even the heavenly hosts now kneel before the Father’s throne with lily stems,
And through the clouds of roses the songs of blessed spirits drift solemnly down to earth.

Verse 2:
O holy reverence which pierces every heart so wondrously with quiet dread,
O blessed faith which soars towards heaven on the white wings of prayer,
Pain dissolves into gentle tears while joyous exultation rings out more softly.
Ave Maria! Heaven and earth appear lovingly to unite at this sound.

Word for word translation (i.e. following the German word order):

Ave Maria! Meer und Himmel ruh’n,
Ave Maria! Sea and heaven rest,

Von allen Türmen hallt der Glocken Ton.
From all towers echoes the bells’ sound.

Ave Maria! Lasst vom irdischen Tun,
Ave Maria! Leave off from earthly doings,

Zur Jungfrau betet, zu der Jungfrau Sohn.
To the Virgin pray, to the Virgin’s Son.

Des Himmels Scharen selber knien nun mit Lilienstäben vor des Vaters Thron,
Of Heaven the hosts themselves kneel now with lily stems before the Father’s throne,

Und durch die Rosenwolken wehn die Lieder der sel’gen Geister hernieder.
And through the rose clouds flutter the songs of the blessed spirits downwards.

O heilige Andacht,
O holy reverence,

Welche jedes Herz mit leisen Schaudern wunderbar durchdringt!
Which every heart with quiet dread wonderfully penetrates!

O sel’ger Glaube,
O blessed faith,

Der sich himmelwärts auf des Gebetes weißem Fittich schwingt!
Which heavenwards on prayer’s white wing soars!

In milde Tränen löst sich da der Schmerz,
Into soft tears dissolves here the pain,

Indes der Freude Jubel sanfter klingt.
While the joyous exultation softer sounds.

Ave Maria! Erd und Himmel scheinen bei diesem Laut sich liebend zu vereinen.
Ave Maria! Earth and Heaven seem at this sound lovingly to unite.