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Saturday, 26th June 2004 at 8pm St. Peter’s College Chapel, Oxford

26 June 2004, 8:00 pm
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In conjunction with Stanmore Choral Society

Conducted by David Gould and Duncan Saunderson

HandelZadok the Priest, Let the Bright Seruphim
MozartAve Verum, Laudate Dominum
GibbonsThis is the Record of John
BachJesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
SchubertAve Maria
HaydnInsanae et Vanae Curae
BrucknerLocus Iste
MendelssohnHear my Prayer
ElgarGive Unto the Lord, Ave Verum
StanfordTe Deum
StainerGod So Loved the World
WiseThe Ways of Zion Do Mourn
ParryI Was Glad

SoloistsJohn Pilgrim, Treble; Christine BrownSoprano; David Gould Counter Tenor; Duncan Saunderson Bass; Gerald Ruddock Trumpet; Julian Littlewood Organ


David Gould and Duncan Saunderson at rehearsal with the combined choirs in St Peter’s College chapel


Translation of Latin Works for the June 2004 Concert

MOZART: Ave verum

(The words of this Eucharistic hymn are of unknown origin, but sometimes attributed to Pope Innocent II who died in 1342. )

Ave, ave verum Corpus      natum de Maria Virgine:
Hail, hail the true Body   born of the Virgin Mary:

Vere passum,               immolatum in cruce         pro homine:
In truth having suffered,  sacrificed upon the cross  for mankind:

Cuius latus perforatum    unda fluxit         et sanguine:
Whose side once pierced   flowed with water   and with blood:

Esto nobis    praegustatum   in mortis examine.
Be for us     a foretaste    in death’s hour of trial.

ELGAR: Ave verum

(The words are the same as those set by Mozart, with the addition of the final line given below. Note that the English words under the Latin in the Brian Kay edition are a free adaptation, not a translation – and in places the theological sense of the original Latin is altered significantly.)

O clemens, O dulcis Jesu, Fili Mariae.
O merciful, O sweet Jesus Son of Mary.

HAYDN: Insanae et vanae curae

(The words of an anthem)

Insanae et vanae curae        invadunt mentes nostras,
Foolish and groundless cares  assail our minds,

Saepe furore        replent corda,         privata spe,
Often with madness  they fill our hearts,  which are bereft of hope,

Quid prodest             O mortalis     conari pro mondanis,
What does it profit you  O mortal man   to strive after earthly things,

Si coelos negligas.
If you neglect those of Heaven.

Sunt fausta tibi cuncta ,           si Deus est     pro te.
All things are favourable to you    if God is       with you.

BRUCKNER: Locus iste

(Words to be sung at a Mass for the dedication of a church)

Locus iste     a Deo factus est,
This place     has been created by God,

Inaestimabile sacramentum,     irreprehensibilis est
A priceless sacrament,         faultless it is.

MOZART: Laudate Dominum

Mozart used this setting of Psalm 117 as the fifth Psalm in the service of Solemn Vespers of a Confessor (K.V. 339)composed for the Archbishop of Salzburg. The words of the Psalm are sung by the soloist; the choir joins the soloist in the doxology.


Laudate Dominum      omnes gentes,              Laudate eum   omnes populi,

Praise the Lord             all nations,                    Praise him         all peoples,

Quoniam confirmata est super nos miericordia eius,

For his mercy is established over us,

Et veritas Domini manet,                    manet in aeternum.

And the truth of the Lord endures,     it endures for ever.


Gloria patri,                      et filio                    et spiritui sancto,

Glory be to the Father,      and to the Son,       and to the Holy Ghost,

Sicut erat in principio             et nunc           et semper

As it was in the beginning        is now            and ever shall be

Et in saecula saeculorum.       Amen.

Even to ages of ages.             Amen.

Translation by Valerie Worth-Stylianou March 2004


Date: 26 June 2004
Time: 8:00 pm
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